What about the Indian Crypto Future? Ban or Regulations?

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3 min readSep 29, 2023

Like a wise detective, India is carefully examining global leaders’ cues on crypto regulation before deciding its own crypto destiny. This move comes in the wake of the G20 discussions, where the world’s financial geniuses exchanged ideas on crafting a universally accepted rulebook.

India Cryptocurrency Regulation

Enter India’s Cryptocurrency Bill 2021, a legislative superstar introduced by the Indian government. Its mission? To bring order to the cryptocurrency Wild West that has seen a gold rush of investments, both locally and on the global stage, especially during the COVID era. Crypto platforms like WazirX, CoinDCX, and Zebpay are riding this digital wave, with volumes soaring higher than a SpaceX launch.

Yet, the government knows that an unregulated crypto landscape is akin to dancing on thin ice while juggling flaming torches. Safety and stability are paramount, especially for young entrepreneurs and investors. The Cryptocurrency Bill 2021 is the government’s answer, aiming to construct a robust framework for an official digital currency, slated to be minted by none other than the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

So, what’s next for India’s crypto future? Will it be a ban, or will regulations reign supreme? The answer is totally a mystery and India is writing its own chapter in the crypto saga. Let’s know a bit more about this discussion.

Is Cryptocurrency Legal In India?

Greetings, financial aficionados! Picture this: India, the second most populous nation on the planet after China seems like a vast canvas waiting for the brushstrokes of crypto innovation from over a billion potential investors. It’s a demographic masterpiece in the making!

Now, let’s rewind to the plot twists that define India’s crypto chronicle. For years, the Indian government was in a dilemma between treating cryptocurrency as the crown jewel or banishing it to the dungeon of financial uncertainty. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), our financial maestro, once played the role of anti-hero, imposing restrictions in 2018 that momentarily silenced the digital currency’s voyage.

In a surprising twist in 2020, the regulatory curtains lifted. The RBI, with a change of heart, allowed crypto companies to collaborate with banks once again. The stage was set, and the show went on.

Cut to the present, where a new protagonist named the G20 Summit 2023 steps into the limelight. This global amalgamation of economic heavyweights has the potential to reshape the narrative of cryptocurrency in India. Will it be a harmonious journey or a clash of policies? The financial world watches with bated breath.

It’s a saga of regulatory debates, market speculations, and economic conjectures. Will cryptocurrency emerge as the phoenix or face the consequences of regulatory scrutiny? The suspense is in the air, and the financial landscape eagerly awaits the final scene.

So, in this grand theatre of finance, the G20 Summit 2023 is meant to be the act that could redefine India’s stance on cryptocurrency. Grab your spectacles, financial enthusiasts, for the script is unfolding, and the pages of India’s crypto saga are turning.

Ajay Seth, the economic affairs guru, just dropped some hints. It’s like they’re cautiously moving towards the crypto cosmos while contemplating the risks and rewards.

Here’s the scoop: India’s got its hands on this roadmap from the IMF and FSB, like a treasure map for navigating the wild world of crypto. They’re not diving in headfirst; no sir, they’re carefully sizing up these recommendations before declaring their crypto allegiance.

1. No Crypto Shenanigans Allowed:

The IMF and FSB are the cool cops on the crypto beat, telling India to slap on some anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures.

2. Crypto Safety 101:

Imagine a crash course in Crypto Safety, and that’s what the IMF and FSB want for India. They’re all about protecting consumers and investors from the rollercoaster of crypto risks.

3. Digital Money Makeover:

The IMF and FSB are the financial fashionistas pushing India to consider a wardrobe upgrade with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). These are the trendiest digital versions of regular money, issued by the central bank. They believe CBDCs could be the fashion-forward solution to boost financial inclusion and efficiency.

As India carefully assesses global cues on crypto regulation, the stage is set for a suspenseful crypto saga. With hints of a cautious approach and guidance from international financial experts, India’s crypto future remains an intriguing mystery awaiting its defining chapter.



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