The Three Key Launch Elements for the Metaverse

Mr Mint [MNT]
4 min readJan 28, 2023

As resources like money and manpower keep flowing into Web3, competition is burning brighter than ever. The thought of a multi-trillion dollar industry in the future has driven builders all over the world to pursue a competitive advantage.

The stakes are higher than ever in Web3 when it comes to creating a substantial metaverse platform.

The most successful projects of Web3 will join the ranks of Web2 success stories like Facebook and Google, as some of the biggest, most valuable companies in the world.

First impressions are crucial for a metaverse platform to succeed because Web3 participants are infamous for having short attention spans and a propensity to criticize projects for their flaws right away.

Essential features need to be fully functional in order to make the first impression at launch and lay the groundwork for long-term success.

  1. Games must be top-notch

Web3 games are bad, according to a common misconception. The graphics are poor, they’re not particularly enjoyable, etc. Unsurprisingly, gamers will make up a sizable portion of users on any platform that supports the metaverse and will be crucial to the widespread adoption of Web 3. We must give first priority to meeting their needs.

Offer top-notch gaming experiences on your platform, and you’ll undoubtedly have the support of gamers. Future metaverse platforms will be huge ecosystems chock full of mini-games, quests, games created by outside developers, etc.

Imagine a virtual world where you can play a supercar racing game, then switch to a quest to find hidden treasure, before finishing the day with some first-person shooter action on a planet populated by alien monsters.

Let’s not minimize the significance of having some level of gaming at launch that can compete with the top notch games of today. On a long enough time horizon, it’s inevitable that incredible games are present throughout the most well-known platforms.

It is unreasonable to expect metaverse platforms to offer an abundance of ready player games at launch, but having at least a few A+ games with high replayability will create a welcoming environment for players to join the platform and stick around.

2. NFT Interoperability is a MUST.

We all want our beloved NFTs to exist in the metaverse as 3D playable avatars that represent us when we go to events, engage in combat, and conduct business.

They should be seamlessly usable in Web3 worlds and games alongside other NFTs like vehicles, weapons, and clothing thanks to blockchain technology and interoperability standards.

It is utterly inconceivable to press the green launch button for a metaverse platform before a decent level of interoperability is ready to be experienced, as NFT interoperability is one of the core pillars of current Web3 participants’ future metaverse outlook.

By having a healthy combination of avatars and digital creations both that belong to the platform, and others that are made by third parties will show the entire Web3 that this is the platform where NFTs are actually real and you’ll spark a lot of interest from projects that aren’t currently involved but would like to join.

3. Experiential Shopping

The long-term success of a metaverse platform depends on integrating Web2 brands and building a thriving virtual economy. Today, most online shopping is done by one person; all it takes is a device, a website to browse, and some purchases.

Shopping will be a social, immersive experience in the metaverse that mimics the real world.

The ability to shop offers the chance to connect the entire world to a metaverse platform. More than 2 billion people purchase goods online today, and that number increases significantly yearly.

Users will understand that the metaverse is more than just a video game if it offers them an engaging shopping experience when it launches, demonstrating that it is something that the entire world can enjoy in many different ways.

If the launch day experience is truly noteworthy, it will pave the way for collaborations with the best brands in the world seeking to make a name for themselves in the metaverse.

A platform will receive more online traffic and financial benefits as more brands establish virtual retail experiences there.

Patience is the key.

It’s all about creating a thriving virtual economy within an immersive experience that captures the attention of everyone who encounters it. You only get one chance at a first impression, why rush it?

A metaverse platform will become the center of attention for everyone in Web3 and give itself the best chance of achieving global prominence by offering top-notch games, NFT integration, and shopping at launch. Yet, If these requirements are not met, the result could be a hole that is impossible to climb out of.



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