The 5 Most Impressive NFT Projects to Watch in 2023

Mr Mint [MNT]
3 min readFeb 1, 2023


If you’re looking for a way to get into the crypto world, there’s no better place than NFTs. We’ve put together this list of five projects we think will be big in 2023, and they’re all just as impressive as each other.

  • CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks is an open source blockchain project that allows you to own and trade unique digital art. It’s a collectible game where you can buy, sell or exchange CryptoPunks on the blockchain.

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club is a game that uses NFTs to represent in-game assets. It’s a free to play game with microtransactions, where you can buy items in the game with real money or earn them by completing quests. The developers of Bored Ape have been crowdfunding their project since 2017, and they’ve raised over $200 million so far!


MINTFORCE is a collection of 40,000 units of Mystery Boxes that have been on sale from 20th November, 2022. Each mystery box is unique in the sense that it opens up the opportunity for holders to gain very specific master cards, a total of 4, each with a different minting capacity — that which helps the user mint at least 5x worth of NFTs as compared to their investment. That isn’t all, NFTs are segregated into 3 categories, each with a specific Hashpower, something for the user to discover and make the best use of. Mystery boxes start from US$100 to US$500.

To explore and purchase — learn more about the best NFTs of 2023.

The synergy between the token’s vision and the NFT project is unmistakable because Mr Mint is the world’s first token backed by cryptocurrency mining, and large scale global operations, while their first ever NFT collection is a brilliant mix of the key elements of mining assembly.

But why would one want to own a digital mining rig? The rewards are limitless. While the base concept for these NFTs was formulated as early as 2020, the creation of these NFTs only began mid this year.

  • Reddit Collectible Avatars

Reddit has a collectible avatar system that uses the top posts of all time as the basis for each. There are over 1 million unique avatars available, but not all are based on one particular user. Instead, they’re based on a combination of users’ favorites and most popular posts at any given time.

You can find different types of avatars in a wide range of sizes and colors — from tiny to large (and everything in between). If you think it would make sense to have an avatar like yours with some new features added onto it then this could be just what you need!

  • Skills

Silks is a project that is trying to make the NFT market more accessible. It’s a decentralized marketplace for NFTs, which means that users can buy and sell digital assets without the need for intermediaries like banks or dealers.

The project was built on top of EOS and uses its blockchain technology. This means that it creates a trustless environment where users’ data is stored securely in their own private keys, instead of being exposed publicly on a central server like what happens when you use centralized platforms like eBay or Etsy.


As the NFT market continues to gain momentum, 2023 is meant to bring in a new era, and a transformation to help the gaming industry grow unconditionally.

It’s clear that we’re in the midst of a new era of blockchain-based projects and innovations. With so much potential for growth, we’re excited to see what comes next!



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